Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Wow! So it's been nearly six months since I posted last. I will catch ya'll up. I am winding down the 3rd semester of nursing school. 1 more to go until graduation. School has had it's ups and downs. I have grown a lot and cried a lot. I will be going to Indiana for another visit with my father. I will leave Idaho on Dec 15 and come home on Jan 12. It will be a nice, long, appreciated break. I became an Auntie in Sept. Kelly and Lizzie welcomed their first child, Ophelia "Lia" Rose Reed. She is so sweet and tiny. I can't wait to finally hold her and love her. Carey and Michele are doing well. Carey's life coaching business is doing great and Michele is busy as ever traveling all over the country. Dustie and Jr settled into their new home in August and Dustie got a new job. The parent's Pack are busy with work and playing and vacationing. So everyone is happy and well. Still no husband prospects for me. There are a lot of stinky fish out there and some how they always find me. So anyway, that is about it. take care fellow bloggers. Feel free to hit me up!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Long Time

So it's been a while since I last posted. I have been home for 3 wks and been back in school. It's been very hectic. I don't have much to say, my life is consumed with school and sometimes I am really irritated by it. Still I am glad for the opportunity. Nothing too exciting going on. I will be turning 30 on sat. :( Wow, feels like time is going by so fast.....................

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Hangin' in Utah

So I have been in Ut for a week now. It feels the same as it always has... like home. I have been hanging with Jess and the kids. We have done some fun things like going up the canyon for some dutch oven cooking and watching Micah's baseball practice. My 1st day here Jess, Dave and I ate at The Cracker Barrel. It was tasty. Anyway, we have just been chilling and relaxing. I am going to Springville on the 18th to visit with Kris and Jason and to see Sydney's blessing. I will return home on May 30th and after 1 more week of relaxing, I will return for summer semester of Nursing School. So there's not too much going on with me right now. Oh but I do have to brag a lil, I got my grades for spring semester and yep, Tami got a 4.0!!! Whoot wooo!!! Well friends I must sign off for now.
Be well and Happy Blogging!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

T.G.I.T... Wishful thinking!!!

Hello Friends,
I would normally write on Friday to recap the week but I will be so busy tomorrow that I decided to write today. So 2morrow is the last day of spring semester!! Whoot Woo!!!!! Clinicals are ending and I am on the first ( ok maybe not THE first.. but close) plane to UT. Yeah!!!! I can't wait to see Jess and the fam. I never thought I would admit it, but it is bittersweet that clinicals are over. I won't miss the staff at the care center at all, but I will surely miss my group of classmates and our instructor. So anyway we are going to have a celebratory lunch at Olive Garden tomorrow. I have to present a report about MRSA, because I was late to clinical today. Honestly not my fault. I blame it on too many of Dustie's home cooked meals and chocolate cookies!!!!! you see I was on time today and getting ready to head out the door. I spotted our lil min-pin and decided that he needed a treat, so I bent down to get it for him and RIP!!!!!!!! my scrub pants spilt in the most awesome place.... So I tossed the idea around in my head " Be late for clinical or show everyone my business" I though long and hard and decided that I didn't even want to see my own business, so I changed my pants and was late to clinical. Anyway, I am rambling. So tonight it is finish up the last minute homework and get the laundry cleaned and packed. Tomorrow is a busy, fun-filled adventure waiting to happen. Hope all of you are doing great! Be well and happy blogging!
I am available for dates.... :) and I have become desperate enough to allow a blind date.... LOL!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Hey all,
Well it's been a little while since the last post so once again, I will update ya'll. I have just completed week 3 of the 5 week nursing home clinical. It has been a tough one. It is so sad to see those elderly pts in the conditions they are in. On top of that, the staff have been so rude!!!!! I don't know if I mentioned before but they have told us to go wash their cars, get them food, etc. They call us aliens, smurfs, stupid. It has been quite frustrating. It reminds me of when I was a dialysis technician and I was called a " glorified janitor" by one of the RNs. The issues between nurses and CNAs are always based on the theory that nurses think they are superior to CNAs. It's all stupid and childish. The fact of the matter is that although we work closely with CNAs. we just have different jobs. Yes nurses have more schooling that a CNA and nurses also have state license, but it doesn't mean they can do the CNAs job. I have been there and trust me, I ADMIRE THEM!!! I couldn't do their job day in and day out. So anyway, that's my beef for today. On a good note, I am almost done with this semester and then I get to go to UT to visit my bestest girlfriend Jessica. I haven't seen her in over 3 years. I also will hopefully get to see my new niece, Sydney. She was born on March 5th. I will get to spend 3 weeks in UT. I am so excited. anyway, besides the clinical drama, school is going well. I got 2 successful IV starts last week. I was also stuck twice successfully. This is my favorite part of school so far. i love the actual hands on nursing stuff ( except the changing the soiled diaper of clients) I should clarify and say that I like the part of nursing where I get to treat people, like giving injections, starting IVs, dressing wounds, removing stitches. Things of that nature. Well I am going to go chill. Be well and happy blogging!

Monday, April 14, 2008

School Daze

Hello Blogging Buddies!
So i figured it was time for another update. We have started clinical rotations in the Long term Facilities. In other words, we're in the Nursing Homes!! Wow after 1 day of being there I was reminded on why I didn't like CNA work. Props to all the CNAs in the world. You are my heroes!!! It was fairly interesting to see the reaction of the CNAs to our being there. I thought they would appreciate the extra help but I was wrong!!!!!! I got the sense that they were feeling a little intimidated by our presence and thought we were there to " spy " on them. I feel I am at an advantage because I did spend a few years doing CNA work and I know how crappy it can be. I know now how to treat them with respect. Anyway, school is going ok. There was an incidence 2 wks ago where some students cheated on a test and then the instructor found out and emailed everyone and said that he expected people to be honest and come forward. WOW!! what a test of integrity. Other than that, things are pretty much the same. We'll be in clinicals for 5 weeks and then we have a 1 month break before we start our summer semester. It kind of seems to be going fast. Anyway, that's all for now! Be well and happy blogging!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

It's that time again.

Well the weekend is once again upon us. Wow what a whirlwind week at school. We have reached the end of the 1st 10 weeks of spring semester and this week was finals week! I made it through a head to toe assessment of a classmate and then it was my turn to strip down and gown up to be the pt. I think I did fairly well despite my nerves! then it was on to a frustrating practical where I had to administer 5 billion medications to a mannequin. Finally was a nursing concepts final. That wasn't too bad but still the girls and I needed a break, so we headed to La Parilla Juarez for margaritas. ( Tami had a diet coke) The conversation was good and we howled and laughed like hyenas. It was great. So next week we start clinicals in the Nursing Homes. We'll see how I adjust to getting up at 4am and going off to school!! That is about all! Be safe and happy blogging!!!!

I Love to see the Temple!

I Love to see the Temple!
I love the San Diego Temple.